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$10 for your own hypnosis session — no subscriptions, no hassle.

Just 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Write goal

Step 2

Edit script

Step 3

Get audio


Other apps
Expensive and recurring
Genering recordings
Must download app/ create account
AI Hypnosis
$10 one-time
Tailored to you
One audio file (total privacy)


Give them a listen! (See which you like best)

Sample #1 (female voice)

Sample #2 (male voice)

Frequently asked questions

How does AI Hypnosis compare to traditional hypnotherapy?

Our service isn’t hypnotherapy, and we don’t position ourselves as an alternative to professional therapists. Think of us as an advanced form of guided meditation, using AI to tailor experiences specifically to your goals.

Can I use the app for any type of goal?

Yes! Our AI tailors sessions for nearly any goal, from stress management to self-improvement. Simply set your goal and let the app do the rest.

How secure is my personal information?

We don't store your data; but the personalized audio is generated using OpenAI and ElevenLabs (so we recommend reviewing their privacy policy for details on their data handling).

Is the payment secure?

Absolutely! We use Stripe, a leading financial service, to handle transactions without storing any of your card information.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, the services we use to generate the script and audio do not allow us to ask for refunds, so we cannot offer them in return.

How often should I listen to my personalized hypnosis session?

We recommend listening at least once a day until you achieve your goal. Ideally, listen first thing in the morning (this helps prime your mind for the day ahead, keeping you focused on your goal).

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